Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Busy, Blessed Day

I had a busy day today. I watched one set of kids from 9 to 11 at one house and then jumped to another house to watch another set of kids from 11 to 3:30. What a day. The first set was a boy and a girl, both under six I think. They were sweet and excessively adorable and both very soft spoken. I had a very refreshing time with them. At one point while playing Legos the little girl gasped. "Miss, Miss, I found a Lego!" "Where?" I ask. "In the Lego box!" You don't say. What an extraordinary occurrence. :) When I looked at her though I realized that she meant a Lego man, not just a Lego and it was the first Lego man she had found in the box. Even so it was amusing. :) The second set of kids I watched was a set of three. Two boys, one girl. Ages four to seven. They have much more energy than the first set I watched, but I still had a blast! At one point the oldest boy got cut and the poor dear was petrified of me cleaning his wound. He was also embarrassed to take off his shirt (the wound was on his chest) and I thought the fact he was so modest was very sweet. The little girl wanted to play with my hair, so I took it out of the pony tail I always wear it in and one of the boys says to me "You look much better with your hair up." Thank you. I appreciate that. :)

That's my little joys from today. I also was allowed to borrow a book from a friend...and it is a book I have been dying to read! My life is just full of little blessings. The devotional I read this morning was about having a thankful heart. That won't be difficult today because I have been showered with blessings! :)

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