Friday, February 7, 2014

My Good, Full Day

I had a good, full day today. I'm not sure that any of you care to actually hear about my good, full day...but I love to share! So now I am going to bore you with a few details of my good, full day.

It started with school. Unfortunately I slept late today, so I started school late today which meant that I ended later than usual as well. And that meant I ate later too (I was starved!) because I like to get all of my school, or at least the better part of it, done before lunch. So if I am having a slow day or I start late, I eat much later than normal. (For me. I don't know what is normal for you.) For those of you who don't know, I'm homeschooled. But that doesn't mean I have it easy! So anyway, my school went longer than normal because I got up late. I also put up another cheesy saying on the magnet word puzzle on my wall. Way to go me. And then we had to go to town, first to the store (that's always an adventure), then to the bank to deposit some checks and then to the church where we sorted a million cookies and then waited for girls and their parents to come and pick them up. Yep, it's that time of year again. We lifted a bunch of boxes until our arms and legs ached and we carried them to cars, vans, trucks...most anything really. Some girls were eager and excited to get their cookies, some looked bored to death. By the way, this whole time it is freezing outside. We got a million autographs from parents so their girls could actually take those cookies and then after several hours of that fun we came home. So that's the full day.

Now on to the good day. I love school, and I particularly enjoyed today. Mostly because in Geography we are currently in Africa and that continent has always been very dear to my heart. I can't explain why. But I am in love with those countries and those people. I believe God placed this love in my heart but as of yet I don't know why. Then at the store I had some good laughs with my little sister as we wandered around trying to find things for mom. Always entertaining. We also picked a horrible cart that listed terribly to the left and so my left shoulder started to burn from the effort of keeping the cart straight. Which in turn made me laugh for some reason. And then it's still snowing outside, which just makes me want to sing and shout anyway. And then we get to the church and I actually get to help with the sorting of cookies and carrying lots of boxes. Yes, I was overjoyed to join in the work! That was one of the best parts of today! Perhaps I should take this moment to explain that I have been very sick lately (for practically two years) and I am weak and tire easily and don't get to help out much. And I hate that! I love serving and helping and doing things and I absolutely hate sitting on the sidelines being lazy watching other people work. So anyhow, I got to help today and that was great! And add to that I got to spend time with a great friend of mine who always makes the sun shine just a little bit brighter and my day was perfect. Can it get any better than this? Actually, yes. For me anyway. Because I also got to sit with a  younger friend of mine and we colored princesses in her coloring books and that just made my heart sing a tiny bit more too.

So that was my good, full day. I'm ready and excited for tomorrow! I truly believe God spoils me. He really does. He gives me all these little blessings that make my day so much better and I just think "you're amazing, God." How could the God of EVERYTHING care so much about tiny little me. It makes me want to dance and sing and clap my hands and hug every person I see. God is awesome, people. And He loves you too!

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