Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scrapbooking Family

Whew. The scrapbooking weekend is over. And I am very tired...but also happy. And feeling accomplished! I completed 221 pages, which was over 950 photos...I was known as the speedy scrapper this weekend. I was also called the naked scrapper. Not because I wore no clothes, but because I use less stickers, papers and such frou-frou on my pages than the other ladies. I had a little competition going with another lady (we do this often) to see who would do the most pages. I won! I did have a head start because I worked Thursday night and Friday all day and she arrived Friday evening...she did 90 some-odd pages, and if I only count the pages I did after she arrived I did 190. So I still win fair and square. :) I walked away from this weekend with three more albums than I had when I went. And of course I still have two more years of Bible Bowl photos to do some time in the future.

I realized this weekend (I don't know why I didn't know this before) that all scrapbookers are best friends. It doesn't matter if you've known each other for ten years or ten minutes, you interact like you've known each other for one hundred years. You tease each other and joke and learn to push each other's buttons and you laugh and giggle and share all of your family stories and memories. (It helps that you are all working with pictures that bring to mind stories and once one person starts telling a story everyone else is reminded of something and they tell a story and then something they say reminds someone else of something they once went through so they start telling a story...) We sat around the dinner table for an hour or more just talking after we had finished eating, which reminded me of my own family when we get together for the holidays. We really were one big happy family all weekend. I had a blast! And I love that friendly, family type of environment. It feels like home. (Plus the food at that Bed and Breakfast is over the top amazing!)

Now that I have done all of those Bible Bowl pictures I should pull out my Bible Bowl text since we have a competition this weekend...

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