Sunday, February 9, 2014

Who Is In Charge Here?

Back on the subject of small children again. I can't get enough of them!

I had a sweet moment tonight when a four year old boy I was watching told me I was 'expensive' and then hugged my leg. (well, he leaned into it, but he did not actually wrap his arms around it) Now I feel so very loved! (we came to the conclusion he meant priceless...that's what we're going to say anyway)

I've always been curious: how 'in charge' do I need to be when I watch children? I am firm when I need to be, and I don't let them break rules or be rude to one another...but I sure don't act like an adult! I be silly and get down on the floor with them and tonight I was a 95 year old grandma who was doubled over farther than any person should be allowed to be and I walked about as fast as snail going backwards. I'm loud and I laugh and shriek and giggle and I'll wrestle with boys and tickle girls. I'll help build forts out of couches, blankets, pillows, chairs and whatever else we can find. I go crazy and act about a fourth of my age. And the children love it so it can't be too bad, right? But I always wonder as I find myself doing something utterly dorky, is this normal protocol? I don't remember much about when I was young enough to be watched...but I do remember that one set of teenagers who watched me and a whole passel of children once a week would just sit on the bed and let us play how we wanted but they did not join in. And so I wonder. But the children do know that I am the authority. I mean, when they think someone else should be in trouble they don't hesitate to tell me! Seriously though, they will listen when I tell them not to do something or anything like that. As long as we are treating each other nicely and following all the rules I guess it can't be too bad that I act like one of the kids.

Another problem I seem to encounter is children bossing other children. "so and so you aren't allowed to do that" "so and so you need to apologize for doing this" "so and so you have to go to your room" "so and so you can't have a treat because you are naughty". Now wait one minute. Who died and left you in charge? (oh my! I just used a saying of my mother's...) And then there is the old "Miss Amanda, so and so did this" "Miss Amanda, so and so is doing that" "Miss Amanda, so and so needs to be in trouble". Alright, alright. I don't need ten thousand little mommies. I'm in charge, not you.

So with all the snow we're getting I had an idea. How about I create a snowman around one of my little people? Wouldn't that be just adorable, with his head and arms sticking out? I can totally see it in my head, with various small children I watch, and the picture is just too cute!

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