Saturday, March 15, 2014


I spent most of today listening to my recently turned 80 year old grandpa tell the stories of his life. That has been interesting and entertaining. I can't help but wonder what tales I will have to tell to my children and children's children when I am 80 years old.

I am pretty much just going to write about my grandpa today, because that's how awesome he is!

The biggest things I remember about my grandpa are, 1) he's constantly sleeping. And he'll tell you, when he goes down for his 'fifteen' minute nap, "wake me up at such and such a time." So we wake him up. "Well, just give your old grandfather five more minutes, how's that?" So we give him five more minutes. "Just another five minutes, and then I'll get up." Sure, grandpa, sure. 2) He is very particular about names. I have a cousin, Elise. We all call her Elise. I'm sure for many years she thought her name was Elise. But grandpa will always call her Elissa. Because that is the name she was given at birth. 3) He always played piano for church. That is what I remember, from practically every visit to the farm. Grandpa played piano for church. I wonder if my love of piano is genetic? 4) He is a great story teller. (Though he might chase a few bunnies along the road) I've always loved it when grandpa would sit down and tell his stories. Granted, he doesn't do that often. But it's always fun. 5) He gives the best hugs in the world. I am sure I've never had a better hug, and I hug plenty of people. 6) He really loves his family. (And is also constantly trying to marry off the single young granddaughters he deems of an age to be married, but that's another story) 7) He's a great grandpa! I'd say he's my favorite grandpa...but I've only ever known one grandpa, so that's kind of an obvious statement.

So that's my awesome grandpa. And I love him to pieces! :)

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