Friday, March 14, 2014


Blogging is a ton of fun, and I want to share something again today...but I have no clue what. Really I am stumped as to a topic to expound upon.

I suppose I could tell you about my day, but that would be boring I dare say. I've not done anything worth discussing today. I did some dishes, I wrote in my journal, I wrote a tiny, weeny little bit in one of my books, I made lunch and now I am sitting here staring at a computer screen thinking I would love to write on my blog but I have nothing of any consequence to say.

The dog is currently passed out on my bedroom floor. This does not happen often. I mean, he does sleep often, just not on my floor. The most likely reason he is in here today is because no one else is home at the moment and so he feels the need to be in the same room as the only living thing in the house...other than the cat. I don't think he cares much where the cat is. And the cat, who usually spends most of her time in my room has not come in yet today. I think the dog scares her.

I watched a lovely version of Emma, based off of the book by Jane Austen, last night. I also found it somewhat amusing that the actor who played Mr. Knightley in Emma also played Edmund in a version of Mansfield Park (another book by Jane Austen) and Mr. Elton also played Edmund in a different version of Mansfield Park. Frank Churchill was played by an actor who plays Fred in North and South (not a book by Jane Austen but another classic I love!). It is a small world apparently. Or there are only so many good actors in the world. Or possibly whoever made those films had a very narrow mind. The actress who played Emma I have seen in several other films, such as Nicholas Nickleby (another nineteenth century novel), but not in any other works by Jane Austen. The actress who played Emma also plays in Amazing Grace, and the actor who played Emma's father plays in Amazing Grace as well. As I said, it is a small world, at least it appears to be in the acting business.

I cleaned a little in my room yesterday...there's a random fact for you. :)

I have been very slack in putting up new quotes on my little magnet word puzzle. That puzzle is not at all inspiring, let me tell you. It is actually quite cheesy. And messed up too. For example one of the tiles, a green one (not that the color matters), says "Characture". Now I may be mistaken, I have been found wrong many times in the past, but I do not believe that is a word. I think whoever made this puzzle meant "Character." But that is not what it says. It's a weird mixture between 'character' and 'caricature'. I wonder what exactly "Characture" means?

Well as I can think of nothing else absurdly random to throw at you...I believe this is where I will end this particular post.

Until the next time my fingers itch!

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