Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tired but Happy

I'm tired and having trouble keeping my eyes open. I had a long, full day today...and I had a blast!

I spent a good part of my day at the home of a family whose children I watch. Those three children were saints today and very well behaved. I did not have to deal with anger or stress or frustration or strong wills or any of the stuff I sometimes I have to deal with when I watch children. In the afternoon I was outside in the warm sunshine (and wind! Boy was it windy today!). I was pulling a five year old boy and and three year old girl around in a red wagon. Forgive the cliche. It's true. I was pulling them around in a red wagon. :) And their back yard is one big my arms and legs began to burn with the effort of pulling that wagon up and down the hill especially after I had been at it for over fifteen minutes! Also, the little lady loves piggy back rides. And once she is on your back she will stay there and nothing under the sun will remove her from that spot if she has anything to say about it. After a few hours of piggy back rides your back and neck begin to ache...but I love it. When her chubby little arms are wrapped around my neck I am overwhelmed with love for that child. Nothing can beat the warm, lovely feeling that spreads all over me. When the five year old boy crawls into my lap begging for a hug. When the seven year old boy plops onto the couch beside me to read next to me because he prefers that to sitting in the chair by himself. I just feel so loved and special and I find myself falling for those big brown eyes or that infectious smile just a little bit more.

And then this evening I got to work with another set of children altogether. How can my life get any better? Two little three year old girls were clambering all over my lap and I got to hold a baby as she drank her milk and I felt so content and happy this evening! I love my life. :)

Of course, after the afternoon with the wagon I could not keep my eyes open. All through dinner and watching the other children in the evening I could not stay awake. And now as I write I am struggling to keep my eyes open long enough to finish writing this. My muscles ache all over my body. My shoulders, my legs, my arms, my nose...(I don't think my nose actually hurts, but I was making a list and just felt like throwing it in). And I am so happy. So excessively happy. Can you die of happiness? To be honest, I want that to be the way I go. :) (Not for many years of course! I plan on having four hundred of my own children first)

I have been so blessed to be given the opportunity of working with all these sweet children. :)

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