Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Writing with Sunshine

I was writing today, and oh how heavenly it was! Sometimes I get wrapped up in my more serious stories or am stuck in the darkness of a tragedy before the sun comes out to shine and I forget what fun writing can really be. Because at those times, it is not only a bit of a bore, but it is also very unhappy. I get so downhearted writing those parts of the story. I sometimes think I should just leave them out altogether. But then, I have no control over what happens and tragedy will strike and I will have to work through it. Today I set aside the story I have been caught up in lately that seems to be forever lost in darkness (literally) and I returned to my more uplifting, cheerful book revolving around bright sunshine, beautiful flowers and a million darling little children. And I feel so happy now that I want to talk about it! :) I stopped writing in the middle of my relaxing inspiration (sometimes it is more furious and I work as if my life depended on it, sometimes it is just refreshing, peaceful writing) and I lay back on my bed with the sun streaming through my window and I just smiled at the world. Because I'm alive and I'm so happy! Life is so amazing.

As I was writing this post something slightly cold and very fuzzy scratched it's chin against my toe. That cat is so funny! :)

It is very windy and little bit chilly and cloudy outside right now. But still, there seems to be a bright sun shining right inside my heart. I feel so warm inside, like everything is perfect and nothing can ever touch me. Which I know isn't true, but it's a nice feeling anyway. :)

I think one of the reasons my favorite book of those I have written is my children's story is because it is so happy. Nothing truly unhappy is allowed to touch my little friends and the sun is always shining and the flowers growing. That is my kind of story! Where everyone is happy, and everyone is good and the world just goes around...as it should!

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