Friday, April 25, 2014

A Heavenly Day

Oh today was heavenly!

Well, it started out with God asking me to do something and me down right refusing. That was less than heavenly...

The conversation went something like this:

"I have something I want you to do today."
"TODAY? Are you kidding? I have things that I want to do today."
"I need you to help someone."
"I said no."
"You are the only person who can do this for me."
"I said NO!"
"Do you love me?"
"Fine. I'll do it."

Way to go, Amanda. Not very smart of me, arguing with God. Anyway, I went and did what I was supposed to do, and oh I had a blast! It was the best day ever! I actually enjoyed what God had asked me to do, and the rest of my day was so pleasant on top of that. And so calm, and the sun was shining and I got to sleep in the grass and roll down a hill with a darling four year old girl and there was a beautiful breeze and birds were singing and there was laughter and joy and I have never felt so at peace.

So, next time. I'll just go ahead and do what He asks me to do. Because the pleasure of obeying my Lord, and the blessings that He pours out on me, even when I am so reluctant to do as He's amazing. Just...amazing. :) The feeling that is welled up inside of me now is so hard to's a mixture of joy and peace and overwhelming love for my Savior and excitement and sunshine and beauty and...yep. That's just what it is. Heavenly. :)

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