Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back on Track

I have been rereading the Elsie Dinsmore books recently. That child's faith and strong devotion to the Lord is inspiring. It's encouraging and it motivates me to be more serious about my own walk with the Lord.

I tend to be very passive. Whatever happens okay, cool. Read my Bible? Eh. I'll do that later. Actively seek the Lord? Are you kidding? That takes real effort!

Anyway, Elsie Dinsmore has once again revealed to me where I am lacking and I am once more trying to seek the Lord and to make Him the center of my life and to put real time into our relationship. I often find myself putting Jesus on the back burner, and that's not good. So I'm working on it. This is not a one way deal. A relationship takes two people. So that's where I am at right now. Trying to keep this a real relationship. I often avoid (because I'm lazy) reading my Bible or even talking to Jesus...and now I'm once more trying to fix that.

I go through phases. I'm all about Jesus, reading my Bible, talking to Him constantly...and then my Jesus relationship just fades into the background...and then I wake up and get back on the right path and I'm really trying to seek the Lord and have my whole heart and mind consumed with Him...and then it just fades into the background again. I'm not very consistent. :(

But I am working on it and I know Jesus will help me. :)

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