Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Feelings

I didn't do much today because I wasn't feeling the greatest...but I did get to spend an exceptionally wonderful hour and a half out in the warm sunshine with my little sister.

Now, first of all, because I wasn't feeling well, my sister had set up a camp chair for me to sit in, and then she came and sat in the grass beside me. At first I felt somewhat like a grandmother on her throne about to teach a circle of small ones some lesson or other. And then after that, as I began to read to my little sister (I read North and South) I suddenly thought of the movie Sense and Sensibility and I could not help but laugh. I felt for a moment like I was Marianne sitting on a little chair on my front lawn recovering from my illness (when Col. Brandon is reading to her...though he was NOT reading North and South!)

I cannot tell you how wonderful the sunshine felt on my cheeks or the gentle breeze that played with my hair and kept the sun from feeling too hot. :) I feel so happy to be alive. But it's not a feeling to make me want to jump and dance and clap my hands as I sometimes do. It's just a pleasant, peaceful feeling of thankfulness for the beautiful life I have been given.

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