Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Light Up My Life

Back on the subject of small children! I have a few more stories to share.

I was playing with a four year old girl in the bright sunshine and she says to me "Miss Amanda, why won't you turn the sun off, it is too bright." "Dear-heart, I don't turn the sun off." "Yeah you do. You do it every night." Um...nope. I sure don't. God makes the sun go round. Or technically, the earth go round.

What exactly do you do when you have two little girls on your lap who are pretending to be lions and are eating your arms and your face and munching on your glasses? Me, I just laugh. This has happened to me twice, with two different sets of girls! Do I just look like a good meal or something?

A little girl said to me recently "Miss Amanda, I met another Amanda Mom." Um... "That's nice that you met another Amanda. But...I am not a mom." I wonder where she got that idea? I guess because I babysit and am in charge...that's mom like...

This is not a personal experience of mine, but I did read a story once about a little boy who prayed. And at the end of every prayer he would say 'Gee this name. Amen." and it took the mother (as well as me, the reader) forever to realize that what the little boy meant to say was "In Jesus' name. Amen." I think there might be something wrong with small people's ears. They often hear things weirdly. Or maybe when they hear something unfamiliar they convert it into words/sentences that make more sense to their small minds?

One little three year old girl informed me the other day, "Miss Amanda, we go to the bathroom so we can use the bubble squirt." "The bubble squirt?" "Yes, to wash our hands." "Do you mean the soap dispenser?" "Yes. The bubble squirt."

So...I'm at church, right? And I find that I have a small four year old boy standing behind me trying to be sly and tickle me. So I turned around and grinned at him. "What do you think you're doing, you turkey?" "I'm not a turkey. You're a turkey burger!" "What is a turkey burger, young man?" "A sandwich." "I thought as much. Do I look like a sandwich to you?" A mischievous grin and a slight nod of the head. Okay, lesson learned. I am a turkey burger. But please, please, don't try to eat me!

Those are my stories for now, folks. I know I'll have more, just you wait. :)

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