Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cleaning and Typewriters

Graduation week.

Commence cleaning.

For several days now we have been cleaning the house top to bottom, and it's crazy. I mean, it's great too, to see walls where once there were only piles of stuff and to see the floor in places that you didn't know it existed. But man! It's exhausting! Lifting things and moving things, and dusting and vacuuming and sweeping and organizing shelves and closets and whole rooms....whew. I have to tell you, that vacuum is much heavier than a vacuum ought to be. I had to vacuum the upstairs yesterday, and before I'd finished doing one room I was no longer just pushing the vacuum back and forth with my arm as a normal person would do. I was leaning into it and using my hip. I'm blaming the vacuum, because we're not going to mention my lack of strength. :)

Anyway, on a different note. My mom pulled out her typewriter yesterday (you come across all sorts of things when you clean...) and my little sister and I had a blast with it! :) I want my own typewriter now. A lot. It was amazing, and so much fun to use. And while I was sitting there punching away at the keys I had this feeling like I had come home. Like I was where I was meant to be. I felt like I belonged right there, at the typewriter. Like I had always belonged there and I just didn't know it. I could really get used to using a typewriter, let me tell you. I felt a little like I'd either gone back in time or stepped into a movie somehow. :) (Either of those options would be awesome) What I really, really want to do now is write one of my books on the typewriter. At least one. How amazing would that be? All of you who know me should really get together and buy me a good ole typewriter for my birthday. :)

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