Friday, May 9, 2014

Graduation is tomorrow, everybody! Are we excited...yes? More excited than I was a month ago anyway.

Last night was my Senior Banquet. So many dear friends are graduating with me. Last night was very emotional. Lots of memories. There were a million tears, but there was plenty of laughter too. :) I am so blessed to have lived the life I have lived and had the friends I have had.

I don't really have a lot to say. Last night was a wonderful night. The Senior blessings, and then everyone talking about the Seniors, sharing stories and anecdotes....I will forever cherish the memory of last night. As I will also forever cherish all my beautiful friends who, like me, are moving into the next chapter of their lives. I was unable to share any memories and talk about how wonderful all my friends are last night because I was too emotional. Getting words past a choked up throat is difficult. But they are all amazing and I pray God will bless them in all their future endeavors.

I'm also praying tomorrow goes well. I am the first one of the Seniors to walk down the aisle. Oh joy. I hate being the center of attention! And the whole crowd is going to stand up and turn and stare at me as I walk self-consciously up to the front. As long as I don't trip and fall it should be fine. But whenever I am nervous and/or embarrassed I get a stupid grin on my face and I am really hoping that won't happen tomorrow.

Anyway, just thought I'd  throw up a little update. I'll let you know how the graduation goes. :)

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