Monday, May 19, 2014

The GIRL Scout Is No More

I just attended my very last Girl Scout award ceremony as a girl. From now on, I will either attend as an adult leader or as a family member or friend.

I don't actually feel any emotion at all, strangely. I'm not sad. I'm not overjoyed to be done. I'm with it.

It was a fun night. The little girls were adorable. Playing down by the banks and then singing with the girls before the ceremony was amazing. At one point I had four or five girls all trying to stand next to me at once and pressing against me nearly knocking me over and making it extremely difficult to do the hand motions to the songs. And I could not have been happier! :) The ceremony itself was fun, and I got beautiful flowers tonight.

I am planning on being a leader. I definitely want to stay involved in Girl Scouts, and playing with little girls just adds to my motivation to stay involved. :)

It's probably a good thing I am done...because there is no more room on my vest. It's completely covered with patches. :)

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