Saturday, July 12, 2014

Home From Nationals

I am home from my trip!!! Did you miss me? (Don't answer that question)

Bible Bowl Nationals was amazing. As always, I enjoyed the test and competition. And again, as always, I loved the family atmosphere of our team. I'm still sad that it's over, that I'm done forever now. But this was such a great tournament. I was surrounded by an amazing group of people, doing things I love to do...I couldn't ask for more.

This was my absolutely wonderful team at Nationals. These girls were so much fun to be with!

This sweet girl had a birthday on our trip.  
Besides competition in Indianapolis we also got to tour the courthouse in St. Louis on the way home, and go up in the Arch. :) That was a blast.

I'm feeling so content right now. I had an amazing week. I spent time with amazing friends, made some amazing memories and am now looking forward to the amazing future. :)

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