Friday, July 25, 2014

I Write For Jesus

I write for Jesus and for no other reason...unless maybe to bless people. :)

I told someone recently who asked me where my creativity came from that I only write, or am even ABLE to write when I let God do it. I sit back and say 'this story is yours, do what you want with it.' and then I just watch Him take over and write the story. It's amazing. :)

The man scoffed.

But I don't care. I spoke the truth. My 'creativity' DOES come from God. And everything that is good and praiseworthy in what I write, God wrote it. And all that is less, all that is bad, I take the credit for.

You don't have to like my work. But I do know that I can feel God smiling on me when I write with Him.

I love writing. I can't say whether I am good or bad at writing, I just love it. And when He writes with me it's like my whole world is perfect. It's the sun shining on a green field, like a butterfly's wings, like a child's smile...all the warm and happy feelings in the world, that is what it feels like to write with Jesus.

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