Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It Rains (The Adventure in Sunara)

When they had finished eating and cleaning up Sally said, “Well what next?”
“I think we should explore!” Joelle said.
“Alright.” Sally agreed. “Let’s take a hike.”
“I said explore, not hike.”
“Same difference.”
“Come on, you two!” Hadassah laughed.
They walked along the shore of the lake.
“Don’t you think you have enough shells?” Sally asked.
Joelle bent and retrieved a purple shell from the sand. “Nope!” She laughed.
Hadassah leaned against the wall of the bluff. “You might have to carry some, Sally. Our hands are getting full.”
Sally shook her head. “I will not. I don’t mind admiring beautiful shells by the lake, but I have no use for them anywhere else.”
Hadassah glanced up at the sky. “Those are nasty clouds.”
Joelle looked up. “Where did they come from?”
“We’ve been down by the lake for several hours.” Sally said.
“I believe it’s going to rain.” Hadassah observed.
“We’d better head back then.” Joelle said.
They hadn’t gone far before the shower started.
“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Hadassah asked.
“Us, wet to the skin?” Sally laughed.
“No, silly. The rain on the lake.”
The rain began to pour down hard.
Joelle started to run back to the camp but slipped in the slick mud and splashed into the lake. She came up laughing. “Brr! That’s cold! I won’t try that again.”
Sally and Hadassah pulled her to her feet.
“We’re going to be slush before we get back.” Sally said.
“Sally, we won’t melt.” Hadassah laughed.
The rain was pounding the earth, creating small canyons in the mud.
The three girls slipped and laughed their way toward the camp. They were wet through and splattered with mud.
Suddenly there was a loud boom.
Joelle and Sally covered their ears as the whole sky lit up in a flash of lightening.
Hearing a noisy crack Hadassah looked up…just in time to see a huge tree falling towards them. “Joelle! Sally! Look out!”
Hadassah scrambled forward through ankle deep mud. Sally and Joelle turned when Hadassah shouted. Both their eyes widened and they turned to scramble out of the way.
Hadassah felt a great weight on her back that forced her to her knees.
And then she felt nothing.
There is one more piece of the story that I wish was complete for you to enjoy. :)

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