Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Dresses

So...I woke up this morning, vaguely aware of someone knocking on the door and my mother answering. I heard something that sounded like my name. And then moments later my mother was in my room, sitting on my bed and placing a box in my hands.

And I woke all the way up. Fast.

I few weeks ago I ordered a couple dresses from Eshakti (I don't usually spend money at all, so this was a big step for me...). I came across Eshakti and their marvelous dresses in one of my friend's blogs. And I just had to get a dress.

In the end, I couldn't choose between two of my favorites, so I got them both.

I have been waiting anxiously for these dresses to come, and I was quite literally jumping for joy this morning when they arrived. :) A perfect way to start my day!

My little sister Rebekah took my pictures. I didn't like the interior of my house as a background, so we went outside after we did the first picture.

Of course, it was raining outside. And that rain was cold!!

I didn't realize my hair was covering the flowers when we took this picture, so of course we had to do it again.

Both dresses are a wee bit wrinkled, since I just pulled them out of the box...but they are gorgeous nonetheless!

After a while I could not see through the rain on my glasses....

Rebekah did not like my wristbands that I wear, but instead of taking them off, she just had me hide my hand behind my back.

I absolutely adore these dresses already! I'd recommend Eshakti dresses to anyone. :) I love the feel of the fabric against my skin. I love the pockets too. :) The dresses are just so cute, and I feel so beautiful when wearing them! I would not recommend standing in the rain for a long period of time. It's very cold and very wet. ;)

I'm so happy right now, I can't describe it. :) It's almost the same bubbly feeling I had last night, when I started writing my newest novel. You just feel so excited and happy and blessed....it's wonderful. :)

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