Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Incomplete Story (The Adventure in Sunara)

Hadassah poured herself a second cup of coffee and sat quietly at the picnic table in the crisp morning air. It was only the second morning of this amazing vacation, and Hadassah was drinking in the beauty around her as well as the coffee.
Hadassah watched a Robin hopping on the ground near the fire ring. "Hello, little Robin Red-Breast. Find any breakfast?"
Hadassah's musical voice caused the Robin to pause in his search for a worm. A doe peeked her head around a tree several yards away.
"Good morning." Hadassah called good-naturedly.
The doe blinked at her.
Hearing someone climbing out of the tent, Hadassah turned to see Joelle. "Good morning."
"Good morning, Hadassah. Don't tell me you are talking to animals again?"
Hadassah smiled. "I was. Sometimes I truly believe they can understand me."
"Oh look! There's a fawn with the doe!"
Hadassah looked where Joelle pointed. "Aw, he's adorable."
"Our very own Bambi." Joelle said.
"You can't be serious." Sally called from the tent. "Cooing over a fawn?"
The doe and her fawn disappeared. The Robin flew away.
"Look at that." Joelle said. "Your unkind words scared them off."


"Lilianith...?" Hadassah began.
"Yes, Lady Hadassah?"
"Oh please just call me Hadassah. I've never been 'lady' anything in my life."
"I will call you Hadassah. But you had a question?"
"Yes. Alastair said that Areking sends visitors from 'beyond the world' such as Joelle and I when the country is in great peril. So my question the country in great peril?"
Lilianith smiled sadly. "No, the country is not in peril. There have been some instances when Areking brought us visitors for other reasons, but that was long, long ago and few people remember them still."
"And those reasons were...?"
"I cannot tell you. It wouldn't be right. Not yet. We will wait for Areking."


That's two more little pieces of the story I wish I knew fully. Maybe it doesn't tug at your heart the way it does mine, but I love this story so much!

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