Wednesday, August 13, 2014

College Is Coming

Classes start Monday. Oh my goodness. I'm about to actually start going to college!

I'm fairly eager to start my classes, honestly. But I'm still a little nervous about being on my own surrounded by strangers. Granted, I have plenty of friends who will be on campus too...I just don't have classes with them so I'm feeling alone. I got my books yesterday, so I'm starting to feel like this is really actually happening in reality and it's not just a distant, foggy future. I can't decide if this is a scary thought or an invigorating one. I have a new chapter of life that just opened before me and I'm getting the same eager/happy/helpless/scared feelings that I get when I start a new chapter in a book and I stare at the little blinking cursor waiting for something to happen.

I will keep you posted on how school goes once it starts. :) Writing will have to slow down and be put to the back shelf for a while...I don't know how long. I will definitely try to keep up some writing, and I'm still working on getting my first book published. But classes are going to be my main focus very soon, so you'll just have to be patient about the whole book thing.

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