Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of College

I have survived my first day of college.

And don't freak out...I even enjoyed myself! :)

I was shocked by the language (very unpleasant) on campus though. Yes, I did fully expect it. But I was still shocked. I may have to silently cringe my way through my entire math hour.

But other than the language, college is amazing so far. (Yes I know, it's only been one day...) I immensely enjoyed my classes, most especially my English and Lit classes. And my Lit instructor is the best lady EVER. I'm so excited about that class, it's going to be amazing. :)

My biggest fear of college, aside from working in a classroom (totally new environment for me) was that I would be completely surrounded by strangers and totally alone. Now, there are plenty of people on campus I don't know. And in most of my classes, I am completely surrounded by strangers. But I ran into/hung out with six of my friends today before and after classes, and I even have one very good friend IN one of my classes. So, I am not alone.

In summary, my life is basically awesome right now and I am enjoying college so far. :) Here's to tomorrow!

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