Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meeting the Prince (The Adventure In Sunara)

I am feeling generous, so while writing itself has been put on hold, I am going to give you something to read. :) This is more of The Adventure in Sunara, the original version from Hadassah's point of view. Enjoy!

 And then she saw a little boy running towards them, followed by a young woman and a little girl. Caspian scooped the little boy up in his arms and kissed his cheek. “Ryan, how is my son?”
   “Dood. I’m dood.”
   Caspian turned to Hadassah and Joelle. “We have guests, Ryan. This is the Lady Joelle and the Lady Hadassah. They have been sent by Arking from the other world to visit us. Ladies, this is my son, Prince Ryan.”
   Ryan clapped his hands. “Dests! I love dests!”
   “Guests, Ryan.” His father corrected.
   Hadassah laughed. “He’s a darling. How old is he?”
   “He is three.” Caspian said.
  A young man approached the group. “Your majesty?”
   “Yes, Lord Felix. What is it?”
   “The council is meeting very soon. We thought you were going to skip out on us again when you left this morning to ride with Alastair.”
   “I had considered it, Lord Felix. But I’m coming. We have a new matter to discuss. We’ll hold a banquet tonight, in honor of our guests. What do you say, Alastair?”
   “I believe that is a good plan, sire.”
   “Yes! Banket! Banket! Banket!” Ryan chanted.
   The King gave Ryan to the young woman who had followed the Prince. “Gidget, he’s in your charge again.”
   “Yes, sire.”
   The King patted the little girl’s head. “Keep my son in line, will you, Inez?”
   The little girl giggled and curtseyed. “Yes, sire.”
   “Gidget, would you escort our guests to rooms for their convenience? I will send Lilianith to them after the council.”
   “There is no need, sire.” Alastair said. “For here she comes now.”
   Caspian nodded. “Yes, there she is. She’ll understand the situation without being told. I believe Lord Felix is anxious for us to join the council in the chamber, Alastair.”
   The King, Alastair and Lord Felix walked away. A beautiful young woman with blond hair that flowed gently to her waist appeared. “Hello! I am Lilianith. I’m the late queen’s sister. Prince Ryan’s aunt. I’ll show you to rooms where you will stay.” Lilianith kissed the cheeks of both Joelle and Hadassah. “Come Gidget, Inez, we must make our guests comfortable.”
   The cheerful young woman led Hadassah and Joelle through a maze of hallways, all paved in marble mosaics, up marble stairs and down more hallways. In all of the large windows hung long purple and red sashes, tied back with gold cords.
    Joelle squeezed Hadassah’s hand and whispered. “This is insane! We must be dreaming!” 

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