Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Mother of the Prince (The Adventure in Sunara)

Okay, big news. I've started rewriting my not yet completed story that I love! I am writing The Adventure in Sunara, but I have changed a few things. Mainly, I'm writing from someone else's perspective this time around. :) I'm enjoying myself. I don't have much of it done yet, actually. But I'll give you a brief snippit to enjoy (or hate as you please. I like it, but you don't have to).

Ryan leaned against the stone wall and peered out the window into the dark night. The moonlight reflected off of the white stone that marked his mother's grave some hundred feet below him.

Ryan stood there for a long time, silent and still as the shadow of a statue.

The castle was silent. Everyone was sleeping, which Ryan ought to be doing himself.

Ryan slowly turned from the window and sat at the oak desk in his room. He pulled out a parchment and taking a deep breath he dipped his quill and began to write.

My Mother was the Queen of Sunara. Her name was Hadassah. And this is her story...the way I saw it unfold.


Father was not happy. Ryan did not know why, but father was not happy.

Ryan was four years old and the Crown Prince of Sunara. Not that that fact mattered to him at all. He only cared that Gidget gave him peaches with his breakfast instead of boring apples.

And that folks is what I have for you right now. :) I'm crossing my fingers that this time the story will sprout its wings and soar....but we shall see.

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