Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Janeite Tag

Immediately after posting my silly poem (thing) I found out I had been tagged to join a fun game about my favorite thing in the world (Jane Austen books/movies). So, I had to do a second post this evening, because I simply couldn't wait. :)

I have been tagged by the beautiful and talented McKenna Rosen of Cherishing My Role (in the home) to join in this fun game! Here goes nothing.

The Rules:
-Thank and link back to the person who tagged you
-Tell how you were introduced to Jane Austen and share one fun fact about your Janeite life (This fun fact can be anything from "I stayed up all night reading Emma" to visiting Jane Austen's home in Chawton )
-Answer the tagger's questions
-Write seven questions of your own
-Tag as few as one or as many as seven other Janeites and let them know you've tagged them. 

My mother watches Jane Austen films a lot, especially the 2005 Pride and Prejudice and when I was small I would often sit and watch with her. I was around ten the first time I saw it I think. I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was around 12 and I was hooked. Since then I have read them all many times a year and watched as many film adaptions as I can get my hands on.

Fun Fact: My younger sister and I once sat on my bed for two hours and quoted the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice from start to finish. Here's a bonus fun fact: I once had Emma Thompson's Golden Globe speech memorized.

Now to answer McKenna's questions...

1. Which do you prefer? Books or Movies?
Books!!! But I do love the movies too.
2. How would you go about introducing a friend to Jane Austen?
I make them watch the movies with me! Usually the 2005 Pride and Prejudice because it's a good place to start.
3. It's Marathon Movie Night! Which 4 adaptions are you going to watch and in what order?
That would depend on who I am with. With my own family that has more patience with me, or if I'm alone I would watch the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice first, the 1995 Sense and Sensibility second, 2007 Mansfield park third, and the 1996 Emma last. But, if I was with my friends who have less patience, I would swap the BBC Pride and Prejudice for the 2005 version. 
4. Who is your favorite "Villain"?
Does Frank Churchill count as a villain? He'd be my favorite. Him. or Henry Crawford...always wanted to like him, even though I despise him.
5. Who would you rather travel with on a long journey by carriage? Mrs. Jennings or Lady Catherine DuBurgh?
Oh heavens! Do I have to pick one? I'd probably prefer Mrs. Jennings. She'd amuse me at least.
6. Which book/movie do you think is the funniest or most clever?
Lady Susan! I laugh my way through that every time. Hysterical.
7. With whom would you rather be forced to stay with during your London trip?
 The "Affable" Miss Lucy Steele, the incorrigible Lydia Wickham, or the incessant Mrs. Elton?
Oh dear. Another difficult question. Hmmm...Let's go with Lucy Steele. Lydia would give me a headache and Mrs. Elton would be a nightmare. 

I unfortunately have a very sorry list of blogging friends so I'm only "nominating" one. My wonderful cousin Candace Hutchinson of Radiant

Here's my questions for you, dear!
1. From the movies, which is your favorite dance?
2. What is your "least" favorite Austen book?
3. Who is your favorite Austen couple?
4. Would you rather be a Bennet or a Dashwood?
5. Which is your favorite proposal (Can I tell you mine? It's Mr. Knightley's!) 
6. If you had to be related to one of the following, who would you choose? Elizabeth Elliot, Mrs. Norris, Fanny Dashwood, Caroline Bingley, Mrs. Elton, or Mrs. Bennet?
7. Which one, of the many, male characters would you choose for yourself? (it doesn't have to be one of the leading roles...) (Can I answer this question too? It's a tie for me between Captain Wentworth and George Knightley. And for some reason I've also always wanted to be Mr. Palmer's wife...)

Vacation Poetry

This is a poem, (sort of...) that I wrote a while ago when my family was on a trip somewhere. I was rather bored after a while riding in the car, so I started jotting down the conversations around me. But I did not write the whole conversations. I just pulled one line or so from each conversation and as the trip progressed and many minutes passed and different conversations went on my list became quite absurd.

Candid Conversation Snippits From The Car

March 14, 2014

“Put me in a box I can’t do anything!”

“I can’t get over tweedle dee wonder dog.”

“That’s better.”

“You can look out the window.”

“You can’t drool.”

“He just wants to escape.”

“I want out!”

“No he’s driving.”

“Anybody tell you, you have bad breath?”

“Not happening.”

“Do you have pencil lead?”

“Do you need a Kleenex?”

“Garfield says that.”

“Get on our dress clothes.”

 “While I pick the hair out of my teeth.”

“I don’t want batteries I want a pen!”

“Hold still!”


“Jonathan surely does.”

“Trust campaign.”

“My knee is out of socket.”

“Is that why you are looking anywhere but at me?”

“Right up against his left ear.”

“My arm rest!”

“Tickle me, please.”

“Please don’t attempt to interpret that.”


“I think I’ll write it in the margin.”

“That would be funny.”

“I don’t think I am smart enough for this book.”

“Is that a fire?”


“We’re talking about text messages.”

 “Oh dear.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Growing grass bug.”

“You’ve done something really stupid haven’t you?”


“Don’t do that.”

“I need the white-out.”

“What is this?”

“Don’t you see the apples?”

“I’m enjoying myself immensely.”

“You’ve got to fill it in.”

“Turn it over.”

“I still have a few.”

“Who wrote that song?”

“I only have one rubber.”

“Ah! My water spilled.”

“It left a trail of yellow.”

“That’s my new favorite word.”

“Carter’s got pills.”

“It’s on our left.”

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Latest Work In Progress-Pocahontas

Researching Pocahontas for History class has got me so interested I've decided my next novel will be about her. I'm calling it Rebecca Rolfe-The Story of a Princess. I'm pretty excited about it!

But oh my goodness! Do you know how many stories there are about Pocahontas? And even the historical accounts are vastly different among themselves because there is so much debate about whether this event really happened or if that source is reliable and so on and so forth. It has been a pain to research, let me tell you. But despite the headache it was to research Pocahontas, I've become quite enamored with her story, and that is why I am starting another novel! :) I'm on pins and needles here! I can't wait to see what happens!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sewing Class (Week 3)

I survived week three, and it's still awesome!! :) We finished cutting out our patterns. Next week sewing actually begins!

These pictures are fakes. I forgot my camera, so I didn't get any pictures of this week's class. So, my sister and I 'reconstructed' a few scenes from class so you can get a picture (lol) of what we did tonight.

Me cutting out my skirt! (Well, pretending to...)

And Rebekah trimming her bodice...or at least holding scissors...

Yes, we did take those pictures on my bed. No, we did not cut my blanket. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sewing Class (Week 2)

I survived my second sewing lesson! And I am still enjoying it! :) We started cutting out the patterns for our dresses on Thursday. 

This picture of our amazing teacher is actually from the first week of class. She's awesome.

This is me, cutting out the lining for my bodice.

This is my sister Rebekah cutting out her skirt.

Rebekah was way more willing to just get down to it and go. I kind of freaked out. I was given the pattern and my fabric and then I panicked. I was way outside my comfort zone and had no idea what I as doing and I got a little (well maybe a lot) stressed. But I have one amazing teacher who is very good at doling out hugs and kind words exactly when they are needed, so I made it through. And by the end of the night I was actually enjoying myself again. :)

I can't wait for next week!