Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vacation Poetry

This is a poem, (sort of...) that I wrote a while ago when my family was on a trip somewhere. I was rather bored after a while riding in the car, so I started jotting down the conversations around me. But I did not write the whole conversations. I just pulled one line or so from each conversation and as the trip progressed and many minutes passed and different conversations went on my list became quite absurd.

Candid Conversation Snippits From The Car

March 14, 2014

“Put me in a box I can’t do anything!”

“I can’t get over tweedle dee wonder dog.”

“That’s better.”

“You can look out the window.”

“You can’t drool.”

“He just wants to escape.”

“I want out!”

“No he’s driving.”

“Anybody tell you, you have bad breath?”

“Not happening.”

“Do you have pencil lead?”

“Do you need a Kleenex?”

“Garfield says that.”

“Get on our dress clothes.”

 “While I pick the hair out of my teeth.”

“I don’t want batteries I want a pen!”

“Hold still!”


“Jonathan surely does.”

“Trust campaign.”

“My knee is out of socket.”

“Is that why you are looking anywhere but at me?”

“Right up against his left ear.”

“My arm rest!”

“Tickle me, please.”

“Please don’t attempt to interpret that.”


“I think I’ll write it in the margin.”

“That would be funny.”

“I don’t think I am smart enough for this book.”

“Is that a fire?”


“We’re talking about text messages.”

 “Oh dear.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Growing grass bug.”

“You’ve done something really stupid haven’t you?”


“Don’t do that.”

“I need the white-out.”

“What is this?”

“Don’t you see the apples?”

“I’m enjoying myself immensely.”

“You’ve got to fill it in.”

“Turn it over.”

“I still have a few.”

“Who wrote that song?”

“I only have one rubber.”

“Ah! My water spilled.”

“It left a trail of yellow.”

“That’s my new favorite word.”

“Carter’s got pills.”

“It’s on our left.”

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