Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not Too Busy For Blessings

I know I haven't blogged in over a week....sorry! I promise I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I'm just a college student, which should explain everything.

Seriously though, I had no idea I could be such a busy human being! Classes seem to last all day, and when I am not in class I'm working on some sort of homework, and if what I am doing is not school related it's probably work. (of course, work for me is babysitting, which is totally enjoyable!)

Life has been so crazy this semester. I feel like I am constantly going, going, going, and I never get a breath. I've only had two mental break downs because of stress, so on a whole I think we're doing well. :)

But through all of the constant doing, all the brain fogging schoolwork, the screaming children, the sleepless nights....I find myself enjoying every day. I love going to college. I love just being on campus. (Even though I was frozen today walking between classes...why, winter, just why?) I enjoy my classes, I get to see my's wonderful. And work isn't a bad thing either, because I adore little children!

I realize my life is filled to the brim....with blessings. :)

The craziness is going to step it up a notch I have no doubt, because I'm taking more hours next semester!

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