Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Fun/An Update on Lucy's Legend

Well Thanksgiving was amazing. I don't even have anything else to add to that. It was just amazing.

Okay, I lied; I'm going to add to that. I loved having all of my siblings home. It's always a blast around our house when everyone is home. I was even coerced into playing one game this week. (If you don't already know, board games, card games, and things of that nature are not my forte. But my family can't live without them)

If you've never eaten a meal, dinner more specifically, with lots of different dishes and at least 8 people at the table, you have no idea what chaotic fun is. We had several of those, and it was insane. At one of those meals, the actual Thanksgiving Feast, I got into a "sword fight" (with forks) over a particular black olive with one of my brothers...and two more brothers joined in...and I did not get to eat that olive. I did however (this is somewhat gross, so don't read on if you'd rather not) in the process of desperately trying to save my olive while I was eating a pickle, snort said pickle up my nose. That hurts, let me tell you! I do not advise any of you to try that at home. You will regret it.

I did a lot of writing this week. Always In Shadow (Robin Hood #2) is coming along nicely. It is also officially the size of the first book...and we have a long ways to go. About the first book...I keep saying "in two weeks" or something along those lines to everyone who asks me. I feel like I am driving in a car with a bunch of children and I just keep saying "ten more minutes" no matter how long we have to go. I promise, this book does exist and it will be available to buy before 2015. That I know for certain. How soon it will be published is anyone's guess. I like to be optimistic and think it will happen very soon, but who knows? I will keep you posted. Right now, I'm in the very last stage of editing, (fingers crossed) and you will see the book before school is out. (I am done with school on the 13th, by the way). It will make a fantastic Christmas present at any rate! :)

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