Monday, December 15, 2014

Celebrating Jesus

It's Christmas season! My favorite songs of all time (Christmas music, yes!) is filling the air...every girl in my house is wearing festive earrings...the parties have started...the tree is up...the presents are being passed around...the Christmas pageants and plays are happening...

I love this time of year. I greatly enjoy giving, and seeing that look of joy on people's faces when they receive a gift warms my heart. My heart is bursting with joy throughout this season from all the little blessings in life.

There are only two things that upset me. One, why can't people be so friendly and wonderful to each other all year round? Yes, it's great that we all love each other at Christmas. But honestly, we should be loving each other all the time. The second thing that bugs me is the superficiality of it all. This time of year is not about the gifts you get, it's not about Santa, it's not about being the center of attention, having the biggest lights, the best decorated house. It's about Jesus, people. It's all about Jesus.

We celebrate His birth, and that's wonderful. I love newborn babies...they're absolutely adorable and the most precious things you will ever come across. But it's just a baby, so why devote an entire holiday to him? Well, that's simple really. He's not just a baby. He's the Creator of the World, the Son of God, the Savior. He came to earth as a human baby, which is remarkable. But He grew up and died on a cross for our sins and then ROSE from the DEAD! Who does that? Nobody...but Jesus did! :) That's the point.

This time of the year is about Jesus' birth, but being born is not the end of the story. Being born as a human child was not the point of Jesus coming to earth. When you celebrate Jesus' birth this year, remember what follows. He died to save you. He rose again. He's alive and well and loves you and He's aching for you to run to Him for everything. That's the point.

We're not just celebrating the birth of a baby. We're celebrating the beginning of a ministry on earth that brings hope to the world and saves our souls.

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