Thursday, December 25, 2014

Nicholas Nickleby Inspires Reflection

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

And what a pleasant day it has been too, at least in my house. Besides all the usual holiday bustling, the Christmas dinner and the opening of presents, the reading of the Gospel of Luke and the general game-playing among family...I have spent a good deal of time reading Dickens, which has added greatly to my enjoyment of this day, I won't deny. (Thank you, Mckenna, for letting me borrow Nicholas Nickleby)

I came across something while reading that called out to me, though I can't explain why. I read the words and immediately my heart warmed and I was smiling insensibly. Again, I don't why. But as it happened, and I am still enjoying the afterglow of reading that sentence, I'm going to share it with you. You can love it or hate it as you will.

"I have not so many friends that I shall grow confused among the number, and forget my best one."
-Nicholas Nickleby

Now, on reading that sentence, the first thing brought to my mind were various wonderful people that I know and count among my friends. But afterward, I had a thought. My 'best one' ought to be Jesus, and of course I should never lose sight of Him among all the trivial humans on earth. (no offense to you humans, I love all dearly) I doubt Mr. Nickleby was meaning to refer to God at all at that particular time, but that's certainly what I have thought about since.

I hope, in all the craziness of this holiday season, you will remember the One who loves you like no other, and gave His life that you might live.

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