Monday, December 22, 2014

The Worst of Being an Author

I have officially discovered the absolute worst aspect of being an author: Author Biographies.

I hate writing about myself! I feel like it's always really corny and stupid or it's really sappy and cheesy. And when I let other people write biographies about me I'm just embarrassed. So yes, author bios are the worst things ever invented in my humble opinion.

Maybe they don't sound like the most horrible, terrifying, shudder-inducing thing you've ever come across...but they are to me!

Notice I don't have an "About Me" page on my blog...yeah, there's a reason for that. (If you want to write one for me, I'm all for that. Of course, if I don't like what you say I just won't use it. Just don't embarrass me)

The second worst part of being an author is writing the info for the back cover of your book. Again, very shudder-inducing for me. I guess I only like to write books and nothing else.

The third on the worst list is never being truly present with the people around you. The tiniest thing I see or hear will catch my attention and suddenly I am lost in my head surrounded by a million stories. When I come back to earth I really have no idea how much time has passed but it was enough time that I have absolutely no idea what anyone in the room is talking about.

The fourth thing that's absolutely terrible is the nail-biting editing period/formatting/self-publishing work.

And the last thing (which might actually be THE worst) is finding a mistake in your book (in Chapter 1 no less) after you've done all those months of editing. Oh well...I suppose every book has to have at least one mistake. By the way, if you find that mistake in Chapter 1, please do not point it out to me. I am well aware of it's existence.

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