Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blog's Birthday

Happy birthday to my blog! It is one year old! :)

Today marks the one year anniversary of starting this blog! :) That's crazy. I don't feel like I've been blogging that long. I guess a year is not nearly as long as one thinks it is. In that year, I've graduated high school, survived my first semester of college, learned how to drive, got my first cell phone, facebook, I became a published author and I was baptized. This has been an interesting a full year. :)

I wonder what will transpire between now and my blog's anniversary of birth next year.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Susie's Yellow Circle

For those of you who don't know, I've written two children's books in the past (neither of them are published yet). Well today, I wrote a third one. And it was both frustrating and great fun! I had to make this book for my Children's Literature class at the community college.

This book was a new experience, in several different ways. The first being, I've never made a pop-up book before! That was interesting. Another new experience was the audience I wrote for. I've never written a book for so young an audience before, my favorite age of all time....preschoolers!! :)

My book is called Susie's Yellow Circle, and as you go through the book you (or the preschooler) have to help Susie find the yellow circle. Each page has a different colored shape that bounces up off the paper. On the very last page is Susie's yellow circle. :) It's very simple, and kind of cheesy when you read it. But it's cute, and it was fun to make....and I LOVE my book! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Bible Verses

"Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established"

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"

I can't explain why, but right now those two verses mean a lot to me. Whenever I read them I'm just filled with a sense of peace and something like I've come home.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Facebook Page

We have an official Facebook page, everyone! :)

I've been considering having a book launching party, although that is still in a heated debate (in my head). I'll let you know what the final decision there is.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Robin Hood Books in Progress

I have been published a whole month! :) Woohoo!! :)

If you haven't bought my book yet, here are the two links. One for Amazon and one for CreateSpace. The book is the same no matter where you buy it from. :) Lucy's Legend-A Robin Hood Story or Lucy's Legend-A Robin Hood Story 2 is well on its way to completion...although we have not begun the editing process yet. I'm currently having some technical difficulties with my computer/Word, so Always In Shadow is on hold. In the meantime, I've taken a look at Robin Hood part 3 and begun a rough draft...on my typewriter! It's the most beautiful book I've ever written. It's a full eight pages long and has a million mistakes because unfortunately my typewriter does not have "backspace"...but I love it!

 Also, I think I might type too fast for the typewriter, because by the time I got to the bottom of page eight it was starting to smell like a burned engine...

On another subject, school starts on writing may be put on hold for a bit. Of course, that's what I said last semester, and it wasn't true in the end.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Always In Shadow Update

Well, folks, I haven't blogged in over a week...why is that? Oh, I don't know...I've just been lazy?

Actually, I was furiously working on Always In Shadow, the second installment in my Robin Hood series. That book is a bit ahead of schedule right now, but that's good. Hopefully that means I won't have a time crunch at the end! I'm projecting the release date for Always In Shadow to be in August. So stayed tuned!

I still get giddy thinking about being a published author. This is crazy, people. But it's a lot of fun!

The last few days I haven't done any writing in books...or even on the computer at all (that's why I haven't been blogging). I've been busy using my new typewriter. That is a very enjoyable thing to do, let me tell you. Every day I've been clacking away at my typewriter. It's glorious! I think I might type up a manuscript of one of my books with the typewriter. Wouldn't that be fun?