Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Susie's Yellow Circle

For those of you who don't know, I've written two children's books in the past (neither of them are published yet). Well today, I wrote a third one. And it was both frustrating and great fun! I had to make this book for my Children's Literature class at the community college.

This book was a new experience, in several different ways. The first being, I've never made a pop-up book before! That was interesting. Another new experience was the audience I wrote for. I've never written a book for so young an audience before, my favorite age of all time....preschoolers!! :)

My book is called Susie's Yellow Circle, and as you go through the book you (or the preschooler) have to help Susie find the yellow circle. Each page has a different colored shape that bounces up off the paper. On the very last page is Susie's yellow circle. :) It's very simple, and kind of cheesy when you read it. But it's cute, and it was fun to make....and I LOVE my book! :)

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