Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Glimpse of Dusty-Robin Hood part 3

While Always in Shadow is with my amazing editor I've been working on Dusty-Robin Hood part 3.

I've been longing to tell this story ever since I first wrote Lucy's Legend in 2013. How Dusty learned to heal, how she met Robin Hood, the life she led in Palestine...everything about her intrigued me and I wanted to know her history.

Along with Lucy and Friar Tuck, Dusty is among the wisest of the gang, and before Friar Tuck comes to Nottingham she's the spiritual head as well. So far I have greatly enjoyed watching Dusty grow and mature in her youth, because she certainly didn't start out all wonderful and wise!

Now, this excerpt I'm about to share does give something away from the story. Dusty was not the name given to this book's heroine when she was born. Her name was Andaleeb.

“Andaleeb, I need your help. We must prepare dinner for your father before he arrives.”
Andaleeb frowned and stood slowly. She did not want to make dinner. She wanted to build her sand house.
“Andaleeb, are you coming?”
In her frustration, Andaleeb stomped on her little sand house, crushing it.
“I am coming, mother.”
“In such a huff. Why did you stomp on your house?”

“I don’t like it.”

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