Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shakespeare Readings

Hello, everyone! :) My little sister turned fifteen on Friday! She had a couple friends over, and one of the activities we participated in was reading Shakespeare aloud. This is not the first time we have done this sort of thing together...late at night (or perhaps I should say really early in the morning.) We always have a grand time! :)

This time, our choice of reading in the middle of the night was A Comedy of Errors. It's extremely amusing, and also confusing. Yet it ends happily, so I must say that I love this play. :)

For the record, these pictures are actually from reading The Merchant of Venice, which is (for the present) Rebekah's favorite. This reading happened much earlier in the evening.

I was a part of this fun, but there are no pictures of me

Rebekah can be incredibly dramatic when reading Shakespeare. The other "players" were too (though I may have been the most boring reader of the bunch) but Rebekah puts her whole heart and soul into it sometimes.

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