Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Daisy Danielle Davis

I have started a new book. Don't freak out! The Robin Hood series is still in the works and things are moving along nicely. I hope to bless the world with one Robin Hood a year for several years to come.

Yet I did start a new project. And I am having a blast. :)

The book shall remain nameless...because it honestly doesn't have a title yet.

This book has so far been a great joy to write! I find myself laughing and smiling the whole way through. The book was born via Facebook (don't laugh) when my co-authoress  and I were discussing a car. Yes. We were talking about a car. And we ended up bringing to life the beginnings of a tragic love story.

Do not ask how a discussion about a car turned into a tragic love story...these things just happen.

I will, because I am feeling very generous, tell you that this story is about a girl named Daisy Danielle Davis.

"I was born twenty years ago in the beautiful, bustling town of Dublin. And no, I'm not Irish. My parents were on a holiday."

And that's all you get. :)

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