Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Future Looks Grim...

Well, not really. But the story I am writing is pretty intense. 

Not once in my life did I ever think "let's write a dystopian society book"...'cause, that's fun. And then, once the crazy idea was planted I was thinking, "uh...everyone is writing this same story these days, why am I doing this again?"

Funny thing about stories though, once they find their way into your imagination they never let go. Ever. So, my futuristic dystopian society is coming to life....and destroying the world in the process...

Cassy Wilmark and a band bedraggled teenagers are taking on the world...and it's incredibly dramatic. I've never written anything with so much drama and nail-biting worthy sequences. It's rather scary, actually. It is as though all of my worst nightmares have come together and created a story.

Besides being terrifying to me....this story is so much fun! I love it, just as I love all of my stories. :)

Cassy is nothing like my other heroine's....at all. Not the gentle, sweet, all goodness wrapped into a charming lady type at all. She's frank and blunt, sometimes downright rude, fiercely loyal and brave, cares nothing for hygiene (YET. I will change her mind...I hope), and totally self-reliant. Cassy is just different. And I love her.

"What is it about you, Cassy Wilmark, that they find threatening?"

I flinch for the blow I know is coming. Sure enough, I find myself flying across the room and hitting the wall painfully.

Curiosity is definitely going to kill a few cats in this story. Don't ask questions, my lovely readers, because it could very well kill you. 

The problem for Cassy, is that she is really, really curious.

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