Sunday, June 21, 2015

I'm a Young Author...My Writing Stinks an effort to find something interesting to blog about, I have been reading lots and lots of articles. Trying to find something, anything, that pertains to young authors. Tips. Success Stories. Anything.

There's a lot out there, by the way.


The stories did not motivate me and the tips made very little to absolutely no sense to this author. Yes, I know. I'm wacky. But I'm serious. I couldn't relate. And the tips that actually made sense I'm already doing, in various degrees.

And I now have a headache.

I want to complain and say I wasted my time. But I won't. Because I think I did learn some things reading all those articles. They were written by many different people. Reading a lot of different voices, especially on the same topic, really gets my mind going with what works and what doesn't. Because some of those articles I found interesting, and some (that happened to say exactly the same thing, just in different words) I hated.

One thing I ran into a lot in the advice department was this: you are a young author, your writing is horrendous.


It is probably true. I mean, I look back even now at stuff I wrote a couple years ago and I cringe. So, in ten years I'll probably want to do a second edition of Lucy's Legend. Still, as a starry-eyed young author who loves her little pieces of brilliance it took some real effort not to be offended by all those articles saying the same thing.

You stink.

I realize, they're undoubtedly right.

As young authors, we don't have the experience and wisdom that older authors can draw from that gives their writing so much relevance. When you have experience your writing is grounded in reality. Relationships seem real because they ARE. When you're young, you have very limited resources to draw from, where self is concerned. Of course there's always mentors and so forth, but on the experience leads to limited writing, in terms of talent.

Unless you're a freak of nature.

That's the other thing so many articles said. You are a young author so your writing can't get worse...unless you're a freak of nature in which case you are awesome, but who knows if it will last.

Gee, thanks.

I did find encouragement in a lot of the articles I read though. Keep writing, keep reading...your writing will improve. You have to keep doing it. No matter if it's good or bad now, just do it. Because you'll grow, your writing will'll mature together.

Someday, you may  be brilliant.

But whether you ever reach that point or not, keep writing. And always remember that even the best writers still have room for improvement. So never stop learning.

And that is what I am going to take away from my research today.

I may deeply inhale (haha) right now, but I'll keep writing anyway. Or I may be a freak of nature (I doubt it) but I'll keep writing anyway.

As long as something I write puts a smile on somebody's face, I will feel I have succeeded...even if my writing does stink. :)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Writing Passion

I recently got my wisdom teeth out (recently as in yesterday) and I've been pretty out of it. But right at this moment...I am starting to feel very awake and alive.

And my arms itch. But that doesn't matter.

My brain is beginning to run a million miles an hour. I think it's trying to catch up. It's like it was paused yesterday, and now, right now, at 9:59pm someone pushed play and it's going nuts trying to make up for lost time.

It almost feels like the inside of my head is on fire.

I like this feeling. I feel inspired. And alive.

The whole house is quieting down, going to sleep. And I'm over here just beginning to wake up!

I feel a writing passion coming on. You know, those times when you start to write and then it's nine hours later and you realize you haven't eaten anything all day. Except that it's night right now, but you get the idea.

So, I'm leaving you with that thought. There may or may not be wonderful things about to happen in Sherwood and/or a brand new book called Isolated. You'll just have to wait and see. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Week

Okay, I promised pictures, so here you go!

This first one is me getting to know my brother-in-law's dog, Jael.

Wedding Programs! :)

This one is one of the lovely flower girls, getting her nails done.

And of course the bride!

The next one is me and my two sisters. :)

...and getting hair done...

...and more hair doing...

Father-daughter dance!! :)

The Bride and Groom. :)

And a pic with my awesome cousin, just 'cause. :)

I had a great time at the wedding, and I'm super happy and excited for my sister and brother-in-law!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


My teeth are killing me.

My wisdom teeth have decided they are good and ready to make an appearance...and it's painful.

I have been learning patience this week.

Preparations for my sister's wedding are underway, along with moving all of her stuff from her apartment over to, theirs. And I've slept through most of it. I don't know how much of that is exhaustion from the remnants of my illness, or from my teeth...or both...? I have been trying not to complain (which...I might be failing at) and trying not to cast  a pall on the festive mood. But I really just want to stomp my feet and scream and cry and hide under my bed. All at once. Because my teeth really hurt.

So, patience.

That is my motto this week.


Always smiling. Not being cranky when I want to be. It's just pain, it will pass. the midst of teeth fun, wedding fun, and moving fun...there's been no writing going on. But I am going to be a good little author and keep my eyes wide open at the wedding this weekend. Be warned, people. I shall be stalking all of you. Yes, I am a people watcher. I need characters to draw from. I'm running low on new ideas. lol