Monday, July 6, 2015

Emotional Comas

It's crazy how swiftly things move sometimes. The book I am in the middle of right now is jam packed with action; something is always happening. It seems so full. It feels like so much has happened, much time must have passed.

And then I look at my timeline, and only eleven days (11 days!) have passed since the beginning of the story. Eleven days.

A lot can happen in eleven days.

Cassy's world is destroyed in one afternoon....the other ten days have been spent trying to get out of the mess.

Will she ever really get there though?

I've never written anything so dreadful and depressing and intense. My sister says she goes into an emotional coma every time I give her an update to read and comment on. That almost frightens me.

But I get super excited writing this story. Emotional comas or not, I cannot wait for it to be finished and published. I have no idea what is happening next and it's killing me! I can't wait to find out. And then I can't wait to share my discoveries with all of you. :)

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