Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Introducing: Me

So, we're going to be very vain and self-centered today.

I feel I haven't ever truly introduced myself to you, my amazing readers. I just talk about what I'm up to or how my books are coming along.

So, this is my official introduction, even if it is a bit late. :)

My name is Amanda and I love to write. Adore writing. Live and breathe writing. Eat on it. Sleep on it. Writing is my life.

Then there are children. LOVE them! :) I am quite happy to spend hours upon hours playing with/watching/being entertained by children. Children are my joy and delight.

Most important of all is Jesus. He's just my everything. End of story.

I enjoy reading immensely, which includes reading aloud to my sister or with friends. Some of my favorite books: Anything Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, The Chronicles of Narnia, North and South.

I'm also a huge fan of marathons are quite possibly one of the best things ever invented. :)

There's not much else about me that's exciting (not that any of the above was exciting either). 

Random Facts:

I used to play softball. I was the pitcher and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) I own two gold fish: Spot and Squishy the Second (unfortunately Squishy the First died). I am always very cold, for reason I cannot explain. My fingers and toes are made of ice.

So...that's all :)

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