Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Poems, Books, and Blogging Just Because

I haven't blogged in what feels like forever. I realize this so I want to write something, anything...I hate not posting anything for more than a week. It's a pet peeve of mine. But I have nothing to say. No motivation or inspiration or anything that I want to share. I don't feel like it is worth my time or yours to write for the sake of writing. I don't want my blog to be boring, or forced.

But today I have decided to write for the sake of writing....because I really want to blog about something.

I once wrote a poem about my sister's cat....it's really dumb, because I am NOT a poetic person. But since I have nothing to write about that's what you're getting today. It's called Bandit the Cat.

Fuzzy, warm, soft, cozy
these are words to describe you.
beautiful, sleek, slender, homey
How can I live without you?

So there you go. My pathetic attempt at poetry. Do not laugh or judge. I am not a poet. I understand that I am not a poet. In future I shall stick to what I can do...writing books. :D

Speaking of...there's a new book in the works (isn't there always?). I haven't actually started writing it, because I want to save it for a time when I actually have time. I don't want to write it in spurts. It's a completely different route than my other books. It is not a fictional tale. It's called Created to be Obsessed. You might hear more about it in the future if I ever actually write it. :P

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