Monday, March 21, 2016


Spring Break was amazing...and I was NOT ready to head back to school today! But having no choice in the matter, I went to school anyway. It actually wasn't too bad. I was expecting it to be harder to adjust back to my routine, but it really hasn't been bad.

I had a project due today, that I spent a fair portion of Spring Break stressing over and almost getting sick over. It was terrible. The project/presentation actually went fairly well this morning. When I told my mom about it, she told me I needed to work on 'taking every thought captive' when I want to stress over things so that I don't work myself 'into a tizzy.' I listened to her, but it was somewhat half-heartedly.

Then, I had my Scripture time later, and one of the verses I read was Psalm 37:8 "Do not fret, it leads only to evildoing." I felt this was my personal little reprimand from God for my fretting, as well as a reminder not to fret in general. On top of that, I also felt this was God affirming/confirming what my mother had said to me and Him reminding me that I need to listen to her more and trust her advice and wisdom. It isn't that I don't listen to my mom, but sometimes I tend to blow off her advice. I'm going to be working on that in future.

Thanks, God, for the reminder. :)


  1. Psalms is full of such wonderful reminders for our lives!


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