Thursday, May 12, 2016

The First Steps

Graduation took place almost a week ago now. Yesterday was my very last final. Today, I woke up and suddenly realized that I had no homework to do, no pressing deadlines, no class to get to.

I am done.

For now, at least. College may very well find its way back into my life at some future date. But for now, I am finished. It's a strange feeling. Not exactly accomplishment, or excitement, or joy. It just is. I am finished. And now I am moving on to the next phase of my life.

That phase which is coming rather more quickly than anticipated. However, I am very excited about it and am eager to start this new adventure so I don't mind that its barreling towards me at top speed :D

Today, I started packing.

Not a ton, because I'm not moving for another two months. But I did start the packing process. I will be going to Manhattan this weekend to celebrate my brother and sister in their respective graduations from higher education and since that is where I will be moving over the summer I decided to get a little head start. I didn't pack a lot today. Just a few things that I won't be needing for the next two months. But the fact that I did start packing has me all jittery with excitement. This is actually happening. I really am moving. I feel as though I have taken the first steps on the journey of this new adventure! :)

I am super excited to see where this adventure will take me and how the Lord will choose to grow me in the days to come :)


  1. How exciting! All the best for this leg of your journey. Being a nanny in Manhattan sounds like a movie plot. :)

    1. Thank you! I am very excited about my movie-plot-worthy adventure :D


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