Tuesday, June 7, 2016

House-Sitting // Writing

It's a new month, everyone! June....

The weather is turning warm (almost hot, in fact) and I am counting down the last of the days in my hometown! A month and a quarter or so and I am moving!

I promised updates of the house-sitting adventure, so here you go!

So far I am enjoying my time here. I'm alone, but I've never minded solitude. In fact, I relish it. :) But I am still taking part in activities in social settings so I am not completely isolated. I'm not a hermit! (yet) The pets are wonderful. The cats and I have finally established relationships. Well, with one of the cats it took a matter of hours. The other one was more standoffish and took about a week or so. But we're all on speaking terms now :)

Those are the lovely animals I have the privilege of sharing a home with right now. :)

The constant near-silence that I am blessed with here at this house definitely lends itself to both reading and writing, and I have been doing a fair bit of both. :) My focus in the writing realm is Dusty right now, as I have every intention of publishing that book this year. We shall see if I can indeed accomplish that or if it will have to be a 2017 release.

I am curious to know, from any fellow writers out there, if I am not alone in listening to instrumental music to keep my creative juices flowing? I nearly always have music playing when I sit down to write and I find that it really does help.

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  1. Glad you're enjoying your house-sitting adventure and finding time to write! :D What a cute pup. <3


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