Saturday, July 23, 2016

Libraries, Books, and Authors, oh my!

I visited a library today!! :)

"Wait!" I can hear you saying, "You're an author and addicted to books and it took you more than a week to visit the local library?!"

I know, I know. But I was moving into my new room and shopping all last week. I was busy. But today I finally made it to the local library. Did I get any books? No. But it was fantastic just to be in there. I love the atmosphere of libraries. It's peaceful. And it smells good. And there are books!! That's the best part, of course. :) I also visited a local bookstore. That place is fantastic! It is a very sweet little shop, and they have everything from Divergent to David Copperfield to 50 year old encyclopedias! So many beautiful books! And yes, I unashamedly buried my nose in a few of them and inhaled deeply. I just love the smell of books. :)

Now that I'm finally settling in to my new home and getting into a daily routine, I have time, not only to visit libraries and bookstores, but to get back into my writing! This past week has been somewhat devoid of writing. Not that I haven't written, because I have. I wrote maybe 3000 words in one story this week. But I am finally ready to sit back down and immerse myself in my writing world again. I am very excited! I have two books right now that I am focusing on, and I am eager to get them finished and to the public!

Dusty, my third Robin Hood book, is my focus right now. I'm about a third of the way done (if you can really measure that. Who really knows how long a book will end up being...??). We're still on the Crusades and haven't even begun the adventure in Sherwood yet. I'm excited to see it all unfold again through Dusty's eyes. :)

The other book I am currently putting an emphasis on is Courageous Heart, the sequel to my latest novel Isolated. This story captured my heart from page one and I am loving writing it! Following Cassy and Cindy's stories has been very exciting for me. I never really know where my stories are going or what my characters are up to. I have rarely ever used an outline or plotted out the story beforehand. None of my published works followed outlines. I just sit back and "read" the story like anyone else, except that I get to read it first, and more than that I get to live in that world first. :)

So, suffice it to say I am very happy to be diving back into the world of Robin Hood and super excited to find out what is going to happen to Cassy and Cindy a few hundred years in the future! :) I am so ready to share these stories with the world, but unfortunately I actually have to finish them before I can publish them. So I will get on that! Dusty, as I have mentioned before, should be a 2016 release. I would love for Courageous Heart  to be one as well, but that is unlikely to happen. So 2017 it is...unless a miracle happens (which is always a possibility!). :D

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