Friday, July 29, 2016

Nanny = Motherhood

I have survived the first official week of nannyhood. (Well...I've still got the second half of today, but I don't expect anything too crazy to happen in one afternoon....)

Was it easy? Well, up until today I would have said yes. However, today the Lord decided I needed to learn patience. It has been an interesting day, full of a fussy niece and never getting a moment's rest. Do I still love nannyhood? Yes! Do I still want to do this job? Absolutely! :) Is it easy? No.

There are good days and bad days. Days full of smiles and bright blue eyes. And days full of shrieking and tears. But I wouldn't miss this for the world. All of these moments, the smiles, the tears, the dirty diapers, the giggles...this is Addison's life. A life that will happen in the blink of an eye. So yes, I want to be here on the bad days. Because she's only going to get this bad day once. I don't want to miss a single moment of her precious life.

So here I am, endeavoring to live every second in the moment and not a miss any part of everything that is Addison. Learning patience, holding on to my sanity when my sweet girl can't stop crying, finding joy in every smile, laugh, and cry. Relishing the happy snuggles and the sad snuggles. Cherishing every minute.

I feel like I am learning motherhood right now.

Obviously, having never been a mother, I can't say this is exactly the same. But I definitely feel like that new mother on her first child loving every minute and not having a clue what to do. We're just taking it one day at a time. :)

To be honest, I'm not completely clueless. Today was on the rougher side, so I'm feeling a bit harried. But I've been watching children for years, this is nothing new. The only difference now is that it is all the time, and not just a few hours at a time. That's the hard part, I think. I do love it though! As I said, I wouldn't trade this time for anything! :D

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