Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Fruits I am Learning

As a nanny, I am learning anew the Fruits of the Spirit, and learning to experience them in a different way than perhaps I have in the past.


The overwhelming and powerful love you feel for the child in your care. The sacrifices that you make for her.


The bubbling, never-ending emotion that wells up inside you when you see the little one that you love. An emotion that transcends all the crying fits and dirty diapers.


Complete and perfect peace that envelopes you as you realize God is watching over your little one.


Patience to endure the seemingly never-ending cries, the stubborn refusals to take naps, and waiting for her to just roll over already (you're so close! You can do it!)


Watching out for her, any chance you can find to bless her sweet life (in however small a way).


Striving to be the best example you can be, pursuing the Lord all the more, even though she's yet to young to understand. 


Learning to quiet your voice, and slow your movements so you don't scare her; rocking her to sleep, making her laugh, holding her close.


Those moments when she's been crying for an hour and it takes everything inside you to just continue to comfort her and not curl up into a ball with your hands over your ears and have a good cry yourself.

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