Saturday, September 10, 2016

How Do I Do What I Do?

I am still deep in Sherwood, finishing up my third Robin Hood book. Dusty is coming together nicely :) I spent a beautiful four hours writing last night and I am utterly convinced that I slept better because of that.

We're taking a step back from Dusty, however. Today I thought I would simply share my approach to writing. How do I do what I do?

Usually I type on my computer because it saves me time later, but occasionally I'll write in a notebook or on my lovely typewriter. My typewriter is actually my favorite place to write, but it can be a pain getting my manuscripts from the typewriter to the computer to publish them so I don't do that as often as I might otherwise.

When I sit down to write I always have a few things handy nearby. First of all, I have a timeline (handwritten by myself usually). For Dusty, this timeline is immensely long and spans a good thirty pieces of paper or more, which I keep in a simple three-ring binder. I also make sure I have fresh lined paper handy for any notes I might make while writing, or any research I might need to jot down. Research tends to happen spontaneously with my stories. I'll reach a certain part of my story and I realize I don't know enough that I need to to write a particular scene authentically so I pause writing and open up my browser and read and take notes for several hours before heading back to my manuscript to finish the scene I was working on.

Other necessary items I tend to keep by my side when I write would be cider or hot chocolate. Sometimes you just need that helpful burst of inspiration that a wonderful drink can give you. For a lot of writers, it's coffee. For me, it's usually apple cider but sometimes hot chocolate or even tea.

Once I have all my supplies gathered and am ready, the business of writing begins.

First step: Praying. I always sit down and pray before I begin writing, every time that I sit down to write. I usually pray for God to work through me, to help me write the stories he wants me to, and for Him to be glorified through my stories. If there's a particular thing I've been struggling with in one story or another I'll pray for that too.

After praying, I sit back and watch the magic happen. Generally, when I am writing, I don't know where the story is going or what is happening. I do have some idea, obviously, being the author. But I don't know a lot of what is going on so I get to "read" the story just like anyone else. It is a lot of fun! Writing is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever encountered in this life. :)

I tend to write for several hours at a time. I used to write all day long, if I didn't have anything going on. But now that I am a nanny writing is reserved for the evenings only. It's a beautiful thing to look forward to every day and it is the perfect ending to my days.

So that is my method of writing novels. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my little world.


  1. isn't prayer amazing?
    so much flows in and out of we breathe in inspiration, love, joy, peace, we let go of all our fear and anxiety.

    beautiful post, dear Amanda...
    many blessings to you!

  2. Thanks, Ashley!

    Yes, prayer really is amazing! :D


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