Monday, September 26, 2016

The Creative Way

Dusty is finished and has hit the editing stage! Honestly, my least favorite stage. But very necessary, so I won't complain. I am very excited to share this story with the world. :) You might get a glimpse of the cover some day soon :)

As a writer, it is always my goal to be growing and learning in my craft so I can write better stories so as to better glorify my God. I approach my life in the same manner, always desiring to grow closer to the Lord.

Today I started class on writing, what Ted Dekker calls a course in transformational fiction. I am so excited! I've only done the first session, this being my first day. But it is positively amazing! It is both a powerful tool to enhance the way that I write and a powerful way to approach living with Christ. Ted Dekker covers it all. Again, I've only done one day. But this course has already inspired and challenged me and I am so excited and so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn in this way.

So that is what I will be up to in the following months. Taking my class, The Creative Way, and editing Dusty.

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