Friday, October 28, 2016

DUSTY//cover reveal

Hello, world!!

My newest novel is set to be released mid-December. My proof copy just arrived in the mail and in my excitement I decided to do what I always do. Share the new book cover with the world! :D


Look for Dusty-RH #3 on Amazon and Createspace in December. (I'll have links up on my books page once it's published). The whole series would make for a great Christmas gift too, if you're looking that far ahead. (I rarely have Christmas gifts this early. I'm too much of a procrastinator).


Okay, so the spine of Dusty is a tad boring sitting next to the other two colorful pops. But I do love the front cover! :) I also love how the size of each book is a bit bigger. By the time I finish this series I'll be writing epics!! Hopefully not, actually. I don't need that kind of work load, even if it is something that I love doing.


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